Caring for Wooden Bowls

turningOur bowls are cut from trees usually after they have already been taken down due to damage or the trees get old and lose their tops.  The tree is immediately cut up with a chain saw into blocks that can be attached to the lathe.  They are rough turned and left with a large enough wall thickness so they can be turned a second time a year or so later after they have dried slowly to make the wood stable to avoid cracking. After they are finish turned we apply multiple coats of Tung Oil Finish which is food safe and very usable with a deep luster that will last for a long time.  Oil based finishes will dull a bit over time but finish can be reapplied, much like a cutting board, to maintain that beautiful look.

To clean the bowl simply wipe with a damp cloth or sponge and let air dry.  Do not submerse or put in the dish washer.

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